Birds And Species Of Bird In The UK

They are all around us, in fact it would be very worrying indeed if they wasn't. There's only one place in the world where birds don't fly and that's Chernobyl. Birds are a sign of life, that the ecosystem is fairing well and from the top down the food chain works and that all is well.

Within the British Isles there are approximately 596 species of birds that have been documented. This figure is not exactly true of how many birds are residing in the UK on any given day. Simply that between the years of 1800 and 2013, this is how many species that have been spotted in their natural habitat at least once. As quite a few bird species only come to Winter or enjoy other seasonal weathers.

The BirdRoom seeks to be the central source of all matters related to birds. This would be information relating to the birds and the whereabouts of their natural habitat. Right down to offering information on how to keep birds at home, the food they require and what cage or environment they should be living within, either in your garden or inside your house.

The Bird species in the UK are spread amongst many varieties. Ducks, storks, coots, geese and swans are ever presents in our lakes and waterways up and down the country. More coastal birds can also be found with Shearwaters, Albatrosses, Oystercatchers, Auks and Gulls with Herons featuring around England and Scotland.

The wooded varieties that take shelters in the vast swathes of British countryside are home to Grouse Pheasants and partridges which are equally susceptible to hunting. Then there's cuckoos, barn owls, parrots - yes parrots and avocets and buzzards.

The UK is teaming with wild bird species that have made Britain their home for centuries. An avid past time of many interested in these and other bird species, are bird watchers. Many national parks in the UK and smaller areas of outstanding beauty, from beaches to lakes and forests, enable birdwatchers to observe birds in the wild and under the cover of hatches so as not to disturb any mating rituals and their natural habitat.

There are literally millions upon millions of birds in the UK, all contributing to the food chain, either as food themselves or tending to our gardens by eating worms and other larvae. We of course enjoy the presence of birds in our gardens so seek to attract them through bird tables and putting bird food out in the winter and spring months. Find all the bird info you need at the Bird Room.

  • Creating a Great Environment for Pets

    No matter what pet you have, creating a positive environment for them to live is one of the most important tasks of any owner. In the case of owners of pet birds, this means giving them enough space for them to exercise, as well as toys and other activity based things which can keep them entertained. Most importantly, before you buy a pet bird, you should ask a veterinarian for pet advice.

  • Caring for a Bird

    A lot of people approach caring for a bird as a pretty cheap operation, but when it is done correctly it is usually pretty expensive. For instance, a bird cage which they are able to move around a lot in can be an expensive purchase, and other pet supplies and care can also be expensive as well.